What We Do

RightRound specializes in Internet connectivity anywhere, high-density WiFi solutions, video streaming and technology deployment for live events, festivals and conferences. We make event technology work while making it feel easy and seamless.

Internet Anywhere

Internet in the middle of nowhere or Midtown, no request is too outrageous. RightRound has delivered rock-solid internet connectivity to locations ranging from city hotels, to parking lots, to Black Rock Desert. We love the challenge of finding a path to connectivity for any event site.

High-Density WiFi

Give attendees and production staff access to the information they need to run the show and keep in touch. We are adept at scaling network architecture to support many people, each using several devices. We keep a sharp eye on the network and make adjustments as needed in real-time to ensure an excellent user experience.

Video Production & Live Video Streaming

High quality video broadcast, whether it’s a single speaker, a panel, or a full-on rock concert. RightRound can provide turn-key solutions to produce and stream the event live on the Internet. Our production team brings together all the elements to achieve your vision.

Beacon Deployment

Let our experienced technicians do the work of prepping, managing, deploying and retrieving hundreds of beacons while you and your clients walk the cutting edge of digital marketing and attendee engagement. We collaborate with your mobile app developer for seamless integration and precise placement.

"RightRound has such a deep understanding of events and conferences - they are professional, knowledgable, and 'it works'."

− MICHAEL BROWN, Technical Project Manager, SXSW

"Our event was a great success. A huge part of that was in thanks to RightRound, and the service and support your entire team provided us. I have a better understanding of the process as a whole now and would consult RightRound at an earlier stage to help assess our event needs."


"There is not one request that went overlooked. Your team was competent, prompt and made our event a complete success. I have never had such a positive experience when it comes to ISP’s—we look forward to working with RightRound again for all our event needs!"

− IAN DITTBRENNER, Live Media Group, Yahoo!

"We are quite proud of the excellent wireless bandwidth which we provide to our attendees at the SF MusicTech Summit, and the RightRound team are the understated geniuses who set it up, and keep it working."

− BRIAN ZISK, Buzzmakers

"In the Live Events Industry, finding a reliable service with nationwide capabilities is one of the most common and difficult challenges to overcome. That was until working with RightRound! The entire experience of working with the RightRound team was top notch from start to finish. Beginning with our initial conversations on bandwidth needs and venue layout through the live execution, everything was handled with the upmost care and not a single issue was encountered. After several years of trial and error with other providers, Awestruck Marketing Group has finally found our go-to partner for all of our onsite live event internet needs in RightRound!"

− DAMIEN DE JUSUS, Awestruck Marketing

"We first worked with RightRound in Austin, and we quickly found out that the team has a vast amount of technical and practical experience in making sure that events are successful and well-connected. They are always consummate professionals and strive to make sure that all our needs and wants are not only met, but exceeded."

− OPS ENGINEER, Fortune 100 Search Engine