RightRound specializes in Internet connectivity anywhere, high-density WiFi solutions and video streaming for live events, festivals and conferences. Our goal is to solve technology problems, and make event technology work while making it feel easy and seamless.

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Internet connectivity

Internet in the middle of nowhere or Midtown, no request too outrageous.

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High density Wi-Fi

Give attendees and production staff good access to the information they need to run the show and keep in touch.

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Video streaming

High Quality video streaming. Share your event live on the Internet.


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Delivered and managed Internet services outside of the Austin Convention Center, worked closely with the convention center in their delivery of services since 2005.

“RightRound has such a deep understanding of events and conferences - they are professional, knowledgable, and 'it works'.”
— MICHAEL BROWN, Technical Project Manager

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Delivered and managed internet connectivity and multiple wifi networks for the Mobile Movement event.

“Our event was a great success. A huge part of that was in thanks to RightRound, and the service and support your entire team provided us. I have a better understanding of the process as a whole now and would consult RightRound at an earlier stage to help assess our event needs.”

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Delivered and managed internet connectivity and high density wifi for SXSW activation at Brazos Hall.

“There is not one request that went overlooked. Your team was competent, prompt and made our event a complete success. I have never had such a positive experience when it comes to ISP’s—we look forward to working with RightRound again for all our event needs!.”
— IAN DITTBRENNER @ Yahoo, Live Media Group

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Awestruck Marketing

Delivered and supported wifi for Comedy Central’s “Kegs & Eggs” event.

“In the Live Events Industry, finding a reliable service with nationwide capabilities is one of the most common and difficult challenges to overcome. That was until working with RightRound! The entire experience of working with the RightRound team was top notch from start to finish. Beginning with our initial conversations on bandwidth needs and venue layout through the live execution, everything was handled with the upmost care and not a single issue was encountered. After several years of trial and error with other providers, Awestruck Marketing Group has finally found our go-to partner for all of our onsite live event internet needs in RightRound!”
— DAMIEN De JUSUS @ Awestruck Marketing

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SF MusicTech Summit

Delivered wireless Internet networks supporting hundreds of high bandwidth users at numerous events since 1998.

“We are quite proud of the excellent wireless bandwidth which we provide to our attendees at the SF MusicTech Summit, and the RightRound team are the understated geniuses who set it up, and keep it working.”

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Fortune 100 Internet Search Engine

Delivered and managed Internet services, including high density WiFi for attendees at clients' events.

“We first worked with RightRound in Austin, and we quickly found out that the team has a vast amount of technical and practical experience in making sure that events are successful and well-connected. After our great experience in Austin, we engaged RightRound to work with us again in Atlanta where we had 3 consecutive days of successful demos on the network they built from scratch to our specs. Without ever working in that space before, they were quickly able to find the resources locally to turn up a high-capacity, fault tolerant network on fairly short notice. They are always consummate professionals and strive to make sure that all our needs and wants are not only met, but exceeded.”


RightRound is an Austin-based company that brings a deep knowledge of technology and has a track record of proven success with high profile events. Our background includes unparalleled expertise and solid experience in providing critical, dedicated Internet connectivity to technically challenging locations.

Cliff Skolnick

Cliff Skolnick photo

Cliff Skolnick has more than two decades of experience in Internet servers, security, and connectivity. He was a co-founder and chief information officer of Organic Online, where he designed the network and server architecture used by such high-profile clients as Volvo, Levi's, Sybase, MCI, Netscape, Saturn, and Microsoft. Before Organic, Cliff applied his networking and software skills at Sun Microsystems in the Internet engineering group as the project lead on one of the Internet Firewall Projects. He also worked at Sun as a developer in the Clustered Systems group and as part of the Sun Professional Services organization. He is a founding member of Apache Group/Apache Software Foundation, the most popular web server used on the Internet. Cliff started DJing in 1980, and still thinks every band needs a synthesizer.

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Shannon Blackburn

Shannon Blackburn brings to RightRound over a decade of motion picture production management experience that encompasses work on feature films, commercials, television series, web series and many live music webcasts. Career highlights include AT&T’s “World’s Loudest Pep Rally” featuring Dave Matthews Band at West Point, the Austin City Limits Music Festival 2005 CD and DVD set, the web series LollaLives, which helped revive and re-define the Lollapalooza brand, Richard Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly, and 8 years of live webcasts from Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits Music Festival. With every project, her goal is to deliver first class service, and leave clients with a smile on their face. Shannon loves karaoke and thinks every band needs horns.

Joe Vallarta photo

Joe Vallarta

Joe Vallarta joins the RightRound team with over 8 years of experience in networking management under his belt. While attending college in Houston, TX, Joe worked for Halliburton for 4 years as their Subject Matter Expert on core applications and support. Upon graduating from Texas State Technical College, he served as IT Technician for Hilton Americas-Houston. After 9 months working at the Americas, Joe was promoted to IT Manager of Hilton Post Oak. One years later, he accepted the promotion that brought him to Austin as the Director of IT for Hilton Austin, where he served for 2 years. Joe says the greatest parts of his adventure in the hospitality industry are the amazing people he met along the journey. Joe doesn’t always sing along to his favorite songs, but when he does, he sings along to the guitar solo as well.

Keely Sadler photo

Keely Sadler

Keely has worked five years in Telecommunications with an emphasis on sales, marketing and account management. She most enjoys working out in the field, and face to face. She does not have a musical bone in her body.

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Sarah Schulze

Sarah joins RightRound with 10+ years of hospitality, event coordination and client relations experience. After earning a Communications Degree in her native South Florida, she set her sights on the high energy night scene while managing an upscale event space and enjoying live music in her spare time. In 2007 Sarah's love for the scene sent her packing to the Live Music Capital of Austin, TX where she could enjoy live music full time. She started her own booking and event planning company and submerged herself in Austin’s bustling entertainment and hospitality industry. Sarah has an effective work style, and is comfortable wearing several different hats, putting her right at home in RightRound's production department. Sarah wishes that more people would casually break in to song and dance, because everyone enjoys a musical.

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