Client Testimonials

YouTube, SXSW

“You guys are the lifesavers who make it possible for everyone to go social.”
– Anna Greer, MAS Event + Design

MediaMonks, SXSW

“Thank you for sending! And a HUGE thank you to you and your team for all of your help last week. It was so great working with y’all and an overall just great experience. Everyone on your team was so willing to help and always with a smile.”
– Allie King, Kennedy Creative

Home Improvement Retail Manager’s Meeting

“Partnering with RightRound has dramatically improved our WiFi experience. This year, in particular, we were happy to report, to our client’s leadership team, that we had zero IT issues during the show. With an event for a Fortune 50 company with 3,500 attendees and more than 600 exhibitors, this statement carries much weight. Partnering with RightRound gives us the confidence we need to meet the growing expectations and demands year after year, ensuring a successful event.”
– Julie Price, Hartmann Studios

Bud Light Sessions, SXSW

“First of all, I wanted to thank you for providing a truly wonderful experience. One of your Austin representatives stopped by each day to check-in and provided some free cups as well. We had one minor issue on the first day and the response was immediate and completely solved the issue. Everything was above and beyond what I expected.”
– Chad Peachey, Engine Shop


“Hope everyone appreciates you and the RR team as much as I do!”
– Christa Scannell, Markeys

Elizabeth Anne Seton Board Gala

“Thank you so much to you and your team at RightRound for “keeping us online” at the EASB gala last month! Amazing event partners like you are one of the reasons we’re able to reach our goal and give back to our littlest patients in the Seton NICU.”
– Maryam Fernandez, Elizabeth Ann Seton Board

CapitalOne House, SXSW

“We appreciate all that RightRound does for us – thanks for helping us make this happen!”
– Clayton Smith, Event Nerd

FoodTruck Mash Up

“In selecting a market for our large scale event, we assumed we’d have WIFI and cellular service, however that was not the case. We had to scramble to get these resources so we could successfully process payments and use some limited social media and emails. Thanks to a referral we were introduced to Right Round. Sarah and Greg took care of everything. The expertise was top notch and my fears of failure were eliminated. All details were addressed and the event went through flawlessly, especially considering the significant lack of communication support on-site. Greg arrived as planned and took care of facilitating the process for each of our food vendors collecting payment as well as our own need at the gate. He even opened up the network towards the end of the event so people could access ride-share apps. He was very patient and knew what he was doing and it was a tremendous relief. I highly recommend this team and should I need this support again, Right Round is the only vendor I’d reach out to.”
– Ms. T.H. Irwin, Large Public Media Company, Events Division