How We Help

Keep them productive

A private and secure network for event production keeps staffers in contact with the world outside the venue. Our team works quietly, invisibly behind the scenes allowing producers to focus on event success.

Build the brand

A public WiFi network makes it easy for guests to check in at social media sites, tweet about the event, and interact with other attendees. Increase buzz and fan engagement by reaching new audiences.

Share the moment

Live video streaming can give content urgency and generate a bigger audience as well as increase social connections and interaction. Maximize the event’s exposure by sharing the event live.

Launch the Next Big Thing

Demonstrate an interactive product, service or device with peace of mind knowing that the network has been put through risk assessment and every measure has been taken to achieve success.

Boost the bottom line

Box office, merchandise, concessions, and ATM’s are all profit centers that require a robust Internet connection. Use your network to maximize revenue.

Upgrade the experience

Wow-factor elements such as interactive kiosks, art installations, photo booths, and projected displays rely on a dedicated internet connection to bring them to life. Exhibitors can present with confidence knowing there is ample bandwidth to support their vision.